Montag, 30. August 2010

What we did in Berlin Part 1

Patrice Hornez alias 2Shadowland and I finally had the chance to work together in Berlin again! We shot an amazing set for Suicide Girls which members can now see and vote on in member review!

Some previews from Les Enfants Gâtés:

Thank you Les Enfants Gâtés in Kreuzberg for letting us weird naked people hang around, providing us with coffee and being overall amazing!

Samstag, 14. August 2010

Beauty Craze

by Nick Putzmann, censored for the interwebs ;)

Freitag, 13. August 2010

Michelle Phelan: Astray

I just came back from a shoot and went to see amazing artist and friend of mine Michelle Phelan. Michelle is having an exhibition at Kunstverein Leipzig starting next Thursday and I am lucky to be part of it as a model!

So if you are in Leipzig you shouldn't miss this:

Samstag, 7. August 2010


I spent the last 6 days in Berlin with some amazing people, stuffing my face with vegan food, getting bro tattoos and shooting of course!

Decent update with losts of pictures soon!